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What our patients and health care colleagues are saying...


“I was in a position where my doctor suspected liver problems. I discovered FibroScan testing and knew it would help with the diagnosis. I wanted my doctor to have any and all information.


My appointment was smooth sailing. The technician was better than terrific. She made me feel comfortable and answered every question. There was nothing painful about the procedure whatsoever. My test was analyzed and results were with me and my doctor in a couple days. From my initial email to the appointment, to having the results, everything was done in a very professional, respectful and friendly manner. I was so happy with my decision to get this done and I'll use the FibroScan to check in on my liver again.”


Amelia K., Toronto

“FibroScan picks up where conventional blood tests leave off to better understand the severity of my liver disease. I rely on FibroScan regularly to more effectively monitor the health of my liver. The results from Liver Scan Direct are outstanding and fast!”


Mike D., Burlington

“We have been using Liver Scan Direct's service for the last year and have found it invaluable in evaluating the liver health of our patients. Not only is it a quick and painless assessment, the immediacy and accuracy of the FibroScan results allow us to better serve the needs of our patients.”


Michelle Steingart, Sanguen Health Centres, Waterloo & Guelph

Affordable, painless, and highly professional peace of mind.  Whether you wish to monitor an existing condition or check the health of your liver, I highly recommend Liver Scan Direct. The ease of making an appointment, the professionalism of the technician, Helena, and acquiring the report the very same day made for a great experience. The United States is slow to make such an important non-invasive diagnostic tool readily available.  I would encourage anyone with such a need to travel north of the border.The team at Liver Scan Direct is a class act and function with the utmost professionalism.”


Brian D., Youngstown, New York

“FibroScan removes the guesswork in the consideration of antiviral therapy for patients with chronic hepatitis B.  Combined with an elevated HBV DNA, I initiate treatment if the results show at least moderate fibrosis (stage 2). This quick and  painless test has improved the management of all my hepatitis B patients at risk of further progression to more severe fibrosis, including cirrhosis, or even hepatocellular carcinoma.”


Dr. Ian Pun, Scarborough

“The FibroScan was the first test that actually told me what level of fatty liver disease my daughter had; it took 6 years to get an answer! Thank you Liver Scan Direct!”


Michelle C., London

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