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FibroScan® non-invasively assesses liver scarring and fatty infiltration.

Do you have fatty liver?

Hepatitis B or C?

Excess alcohol intake?

Abnormal liver tests?

Early detection is vital to prevent liver complications.

You are only a click away from a rapid, painless, and completely non-invasive assessment of your liver health.

About Us


Liver Scan Direct is a medical diagnostics clinic that specializes in the non-invasive assessment of liver health using FibroScan® technology​. Our mission is to provide patients having liver disease rapid access to FibroScan® testing with interpretation of results by an experienced hepatologist. No referral is necessary - any patient can contact us directly to make an appointment.​ We operate southern Ontariotravel across Canada using portable FibroScan® technology, and have opened a clinic in Calgary to serve Western Canada.



At Liver Scan Direct, we offer liver fibrosis assessment using the FibroScan®, a non-invasive device that measures liver stiffness. Many studies have confirmed the accuracy of the FibroScan® for evaluating liver fibrosis compared with performing a liver biopsy. Liver stiffness also predicts the risk of complications including liver failure, the need for transplantation, and liver cancer. Liver Scan Direct also offers a new tool (the Controlled Attenuation Parameter (CAP®)) that assesses fatty infiltration of the liver. Fatty liver affects 20-30% of the population and may cause liver cirrhosis.

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